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The DEAP (Database of English for Academic Purposes) Corpus

The DEAP Corpus: An EAP corpus for China

-->Size of the DEAP Corpus as of 6 August, 2019: 20 million words<--

The DEAP (Database of English for Academic Purposes) Corpus aims to collect English research articles published in high-impact international journals of over 100 million words covering 20 or more disciplines. The text sampling taxonomy for DEAP follows the Chinese National System of Level One Disciplines for Degree Education/《学位授予和人才培养一级学科简介》(The Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council/国务院学位委员会第六届学科评议组 2013), which also stipulates the Level Two sub-disciplines within each Level One disciplines.

The DEAP project was initiated in 2016 and has been coordinated by Professor Jiajin Xu of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Professor Maocheng Liang, Professor Wenzhong Li and Professor Wenxin Xiong had been core members of the coordinating committee for two to three years.

The sub-corpora of DEAP will be made freely available at CorpusCloud ( on a registration basis, and at BFSU CQPweb ( with the user ID ‘test’ and passcode ‘test’.

Currently, BioDEAP (Biology sub-corpus), EconDEAP (Economics sub-corpus), LinDEAP (Linguistics sub-corpus), MatDEAP (Materials Science sub-corpus), MedDEAP (Medicine sub-corpus), MilDEAP (Military Science sub-corpus) and PsyDEAP (Psychology sub-corpus) have been finalised. Each DEAP sub-corpus is composed of five million words. By the end of 2019, 13 sub-corpora of DEAP will be completed.

Please visit for future updates.

The project has been generously supported by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and HugeMind (Beijing) Education & Technology Co., Ltd.

DEAP family

  1. AgriDEAP: Agriculture Academic English Corpus
  2. ArtDEAP: Art Academic English Corpus
  3. BioDEAP: Life Science Academic English Corpus
  4. ChemDEAP: Chemistry Academic English Corpus
  5. CivDEAP: Civil Engineering Academic English Corpus
  6. EconDEAP: Economics Academic English Corpus
  7. EduDEAP: Education Academic English Corpus
  8. EvmtDEAP: Environmental Engineering Academic English Corpus
  9. GeoDEAP: Geography Academic English Corpus
  10. HistDEAP: History Academic English Corpus
  11. InfoDEAP: Information Science Academic English Corpus
  12. LawDEAP: Law Academic English Corpus
  13. LinDEAP: Linguistics Academic English Corpus
  14. LitDEAP: Literature Academic English Corpus
  15. MatDEAP: Materials Engineering Academic English Corpus
  16. MathDEAP: Mathematics Academic English Corpus
  17. MedDEAP: Medicine Academic English Corpus
  18. MilDEAP: Military Science Academic English Corpus
  19. NewsDEAP: Media and Communication Academic English Corpus
  20. PhilDEAP: Philosophy Academic English Corpus
  21. PsyDEAP: Psychology Academic English Corpus


DEAP语料库各子库将会通过语料云BFSU CQPweb对外发布。

The DEAP corpus is freely available at on a registration basis. Please go to the Settings (设置)-Display Settings (显示设置) and check the box of respective DEAP family members, e.g [MedDEAP], before you can view the corpus on the main page.



  1. [MedDEAP]医学(临床)学术英语语料库(福建医科大学,冯欣)【已建成】
  2. [BioDEAP]生命科学学术英语语料库(中国科学院大学,彭工)【已建成】
  3. [LinDEAP]语言学学术英语语料库(青岛大学,布占廷)【已建成】
  4. [MilDEAP]军事学术英语语料库(国防科技大学,马晓雷)【已建成】
  5. [LitDEAP]文学学术英语语料库(江苏师范大学,于涛)【预计2019年底建成】
  6. [InfoDEAP]信息科学(计算机科学)学术英语语料库(大连外国语大学,邓耀臣)【已初步建成】
  7. [EduDEAP]教育学学术英语语料库(南通大学,王丽)【预计2019年底建成】


  1. [EconDEAP]经济学学术英语语料库(西南财经大学,刘霞)【已初步建成】
  2. [PsyDEAP]心理学学术英语语料库(胡杰辉,电子科技大学)【已初步建成】
  3. [CivDEAP]土木工程学术英语语料库(章柏成,重庆交通大学)【预计2019年底建成】
  4. [EvmtDEAP]环境工程学术英语语料库(李芝,北京林业大学)【预计2019年底建成】
  5. [NewsDEAP]新闻学学术英语语料库(牛桂玲,郑州大学)【预计2020年5-6月间建成】
  6. [LawDEAP]法学学术英语语料库(王艳伟,上海电机学院)【预计2019年底前后建成】
  7. [HistDEAP]历史学学术英语语料库(肖先明,武汉理工大学)
  8. [GeoDEAP]地理学学术英语语料库(刘磊,燕山大学)【预计2019年底建成】


  1. [MatDEAP]材料科学学术英语语料库(北京理工大学,闫鹏飞)【已建成】
  2. [PhilDEAP]哲学学术英语语料库(青岛大学,布占廷)【预计2019年底建成】
  3. [MathDEAP]数学学术英语语料库(河南理工大学,朱晓丽 )
  4. [ChemDEAP]化学学术英语语料库(江苏大学,钟兰凤)【预计2019年下半年建成】
  5. [AgriDEAP]农学学术英语语料库(华南农业大学,吕靖)【预计2019年底建成】
  6. [ArtDEAP]艺术学术英语语料库(西安广播电视大学,韩喜春)【预计2019年底建成】



  • SociDEAP社会学学术英语语料库(0303)
  • AnthDEAP人类学学术英语语料库(030303):是社会学下设的二级学科
  • TranDEAP交通运输工程学术英语语料库(0823)
  • StatDEAP统计学学术英语语料库统计学(0714)
  • PoliDEAP政治学学术英语语料库(0302)
  • MgmtDEAP管理科学与工程学术英语语料库(1201)


Publications based on DEAP(DEAP语料库相关成果)

  • 冯欣、吴菁菁、齐晖、许家金,2017,MedAca医学学术英语语料库的创建,《语料库语言学》(2):107-113。
  • 许家金,2017,体裁短语学视角下的医学学术英语词典研编,《外语与外语教学》(6):52-60。
  • 彭工,2018,BioDEAP生命科学学术英语语料库的创建,《语料库语言学》(2):69-77。
  • 布占廷、王昕、王乐,2018,LinDEAP语言学学术英语语料库的创建,《语料库语言学》(2):78-90。
  • 马晓雷、陈钻钻、张皓盟,2018,MilDEAP军事学术英语语料库的创建,《语料库语言学》(2):91-97。 



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