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rstWeb - Browser Annotation of Rhetorical Structure Theory


rstWeb is an open source, browser based annotation tool for discourse analyses in Rhetorical Structure Theory. It is meant to support collaborative, online annotation projects using just a web browser, without the need to install software for annotators.

New: Version 3 is now out, supporting discourse relation signal annotation! For more information.

Do RST: Online — Collaborative — Browser Based!

For a server installation, rstWeb needs Python 2.6.X or 2.7.X for its backend (Python 3 is now also supported, but less extensively tested), which accesses a SQLite database. The client runs in JavaScript and only needs a browser. User management and configurations use Michael Foord's logintools, and the front end uses the excellent jsPlumbjQuery and Font Awesome, all of which are packaged with rstWeb and require no installation. To take screenshots of analyses automatically, it is optionally possible to install Selenium and PhantomJS, which automate saving scaled screenshots that fit your analysis size at high quality. This project's source code is available from Github - feel free to fork, contribute, get in touch and let me know what you're working on.