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iWriteBaby Corpus 1.0 beta available

    iWriteBaby Corpus 1.0 beta is now freely available at on a registration basis. Please go to the Settings (设置)-Display Settings (显示设置) and check the box [iWriteBaby Corpus 1.0 beta] before you can view the corpus on the main page.

      The corpus consists of 50,000-something writing samples collected from iWrite Online English Writing System, totalling 8,293,751 words. iWriteBaby Corpus is so far the largest publicly available Chinese EFL learners' corpus. The corpus was officially released at The Fourth National Forum of Foreign Language Education Reform and Development in Universities in Beijing on 23 March.

     The current beta version of the corpus is suitable for all sorts of learner corpus research. A final round of proofreading will be conducted before the full-text version of iWriteBaby is made available to teachers and researchers. 

     The corpus was designed and developed by Jiajin Xu at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

     iWriteBaby is mounted at the CorpusCloud portal powered by HugeMind Education & Technology Co., Ltd. BFSU CQPweb will host a copy of iWriteBaby Corpus as well.

     How to cite:

  • 许家金,2019,iWriteBaby中国学习者英语语料库的创建,《语料库语言学》(1):105-109。
  • Xu, Jiajin. 2019. The construction of iWriteBaby Chinese learner's English corpus. Corpus Linguistics/Yuliaoku Yuyanxue 6(1): 105-109.

     What's in iWriteBaby?

     -Essays from 69 universities

     -Writers from 48 cities and 23 provinces or autonomous regions of China

     -Writers of 154 different majors

     -More than 9000 writing prompts


      What can you do with iWriteBaby at CorpusCloud?

      -Frequency word list


      -Collocation extraction

      -Key words


     在语料云平台注册账号后,可免费访问iWriteBaby语料库。登录后,用户需要在页首导航栏找到“设置”,并在“显示设置”里勾选iWriteBaby 1.0 beta。这样方可在首页“1. 语料库”栏中选择iWriteBaby 1.0 beta语料库。


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