• The Corpus Research Group of the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education at Beijing Foreign Studies University is a passionate group of individuals dedicated to corpus-based language studies, particularly in the fields of linguistics and foreign language education.

  • From a theoretical standpoint, the research group believes that the primary objective of corpus linguistics is to understand meaning, which can be achieved through the combined influence of all contextual resources. This concept is referred to as probabilistic contextual co-selection, or Co-selection for short (Xu 2020, 2023).

  • Methodologically, we favor the contrastive approach to language studies, which is inherent in learner corpus research, corpus-based contrastive linguistics, translation studies, and many aspects of discourse and pragmatic studies.

  • Regarding corpus resource development, the BFSU Corpus Research Group adheres to the principle of "sharing out of collaboration". Whenever appropriate and feasible, corpora collected from language users should be made accessible for theoretical and practical purposes, serving the public good.

  • Our motto is: Theorising usage and using theory.

  • Additionally, the mascot of the BFSU Corpus Research Group is an orange.

  • 北外“语料库与外语及外语教育研究”团队,简称“北外语料库团队”,致力于基于语料库的英语及英语教育研究。

  • 理论上,北外语料库团队认同,并认为语料库语言学有充分的理论价值。北外语料库团队研究的主要出发点为各类具有功能主义性质的语言学理论。

  • 方法论上,北外语料库团队的特色是对比视角

  • 资源建设上,我们奉行“语料为公”理念,倡导共建共享,取之于用,返之为用。

  • 我们的团队口号是“崇理致用”。

  • 团队的吉祥物水果是“橙子”。

Key publications

Corpus Linguistics journal

  • The FLERIC team edits the journal ofYuliaoku Yuyanxue (Corpus Linguistics) in collaboration with Corpus Linguistics Society of China.

  • 2014年,北外语料库团队创办《语料库语言学》半年刊,并于2017年成为中国语料库语言学研究会会刊。

A whole array of corpus tools(北外免费语料库软件家族)

  • The FLERIC team members, including our faculty and graduate students, have developed dozens of concordancers, annotation tools, and other specialised corpus tools over the years and made them publicly available at http://corpus.bfsu.edu.cn/TOOLS.htm.

  • 北外语料库团队成员陆续开发了数十款索引分析工具、语料库标注工具和其他语料库专用工具,并通过网络与国内外同行共享。

  • BFSU CQPweb corpus portal(北外CQPweb语料库开放平台)用户名和密码都为test)

Corpus Linguistics workshop series (since 2006)


The story of BFSU corpus research group logo

  • The heart/cloud symbol in the logo represents the love for corpus linguistics, and signifies the enormous amount of data involved in linguistic research. Additionally, the 'C' element, which is the initial of 'Corpus', is designed to resemble the 'Refresh' icon commonly found in web browsers. This design choice signifies the research group's commitment to staying current and innovative in the ever-evolving field of corpus research.

  • The primary color scheme of the research group is ‘Corpus Orange’,which is represented in digital and print formats through Hex, RGB, and CMYK values. Specifically, these values are '#f39a00' for Hex, '243,154,0' for RGB, and '6, 50, 94, 0' for CMYK. These colors can be adjusted to suit different foregrounds and backgrounds within print, web, and mobile applications.


  • 语料库。标识由“”/“云”和“C”形元素构成,表达“语料库”之意。其中,云代表海量语料,C为Corpus的首字母。同时,标识中的C形元素借用了网络浏览器中的“刷新”图标,表明北外语料库研究与时俱进、锐意创新的含义。

  • 汉语研究。标识中的红云可视为字母E(English首字母)的艺术化,橙色的刷新图标可理解为汉语(Chinese)的首字母。北外语料库团队主要关注英语和汉语相关的语料库研究课题,包括英语和汉语的本体研究、英汉语中介语研究、英汉语对比与翻译研究等。

  • 北外语料库团队主体色系为“语料橙”。语料橙相应颜色代码为:十六进制颜色码为#f39a00(对应的RGB值为:243,154,0;印刷CMYK四色为:6, 50, 94, 0)为基准,实际应用中可根据背景前景情况调适。

The BFSU CRG PowerPoint template can be downloaded from here.